Custom Designs


Design Drawing

One of the benefits of iron entry doors is the almost limitless possibilities with custom designs. Midwest Iron Doors specializes in Custom Designs for our Thermal Break and Non Thermal Break doors for both residential and commercial applications. Our designers are very skilled at taking someones vision and turning it into a reality that will grace the front of their homes or wine cellars for years. Our staff make the design process simple and stress free. Call one of our sales staff today for details. To view more custom designs visit our Houzz page


Operable Scroll Work

Operable scroll work is a great option on custom doors. This gives you the ability to open your decorative scroll work on the exterior side to gain access to the glass while cleaning. 

Custom Jamb Depth

Jamb depth on a custom door can be specified by you the customer. This allows our doors to adapt to a wide variety of openings and exterior surfaces.

Sidelites & Transoms

When it comes to custom doors we have very few limitations. This freedom is expressed in our abundant use of sidelite and transom variations. Let our designers help you find the right balance. 

We really have enjoyed these doors and received many compliments on them. I think the technology and the thought and the planning put in to manufacturing these doors has really paid off. And the other plus, is that dealing with Dan at Midwest Iron doors has really been a good experience because he’s only a phone call away and has answered any questions I have had.

Sandy Leavitt 10/8/2014