Thermal Break

All of our doors are constructed using our patented thermal break to allow for optimal performance in hot and cold weather climates. The thermal break consists of an exterior and interior door panel separated by an internal panel connector. The internal panel connector serves as a barrier to help stop the transfer of heat and cold from the exterior to the interior of the door panel.  In addition to this system the door itself is injected with a closed cell polyurethane foam. Foam itself is NOT a thermal break it is merely an insulator.

Patented Design

Interior and exterior panels are constructed out of 14 gauge custom channel steel. The jamb is constructed using this same method.


Internal Panel Connector

The internal panel connector is an aluminum extrusion with integrated thermal break. The material of the thermal break is what helps prevent the temperature transfer from exterior to interior.


Injected Foam

Once the doors are fully assembled they are injected with close cell polyurethane foam to ensure optimal performance in all climates.

Glass Frames

All of the glass panels on our stock 2nd generation thermal break doors are fixed in place with a glass stop. Independently opening glass was a feature on our 1st generation thermal break design. We removed this function on our 2nd generation design to ensure optimal thermal performance. We still offer the operable window/glass option on custom doors. If selecting this function keep in mind that you will have a  loss in thermal performance. 

We really have enjoyed these doors and received many compliments on them. I think the technology and the thought and the planning put in to manufacturing these doors has really paid off. And the other plus, is that dealing with Dan at Midwest Iron doors has really been a good experience because he’s only a phone call away and has answered any questions I have had.

Sandy Leavitt 10/8/2014