Iron Door Conversion Kit

                Conversion Kits                                                                                          Fiberglass doors have transformed the entry door industry. Their thermal efficiency and price have made them a standard feature in homes all across the country. The biggest issue most customers have with fiberglass doors is the lack of decorative designs. Our Iron Door Conversion Kit  solves this issue. The conversion kit consists of an Aluminum scroll panel system that mimics the decorative scroll work of an iron door. Pairing our scroll panel system with a fiberglass entry door gives the appearance of a handcrafted iron entry door. Our scroll designs are hand wrought by trained craftsman. With our unique designs you are sure to redefine your curb appeal.                        

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What’s In The Iron Door Conversion Kit?

Contents of Midwest Iron Door Aluminum Scroll Panel Kit










  • Aluminum Scroll Panel
  • Aluminum Panel Frame (attaches to exterior surface of door to hang scroll panel on)
  • Drill Bit (to drill holes in exterior of door panel for rivet nuts)
  • Rivet Nut Gun (used to attach the rivet nuts to the door panel)
  • Rivet Nut (creates a secure connection point on the door panel)
  • Screws (attaches the panel frame to the door surface by screwing into the rivet nuts)

Iron Door Conversion Kit Sizes

Scroll Measure 2

What glass sizes do our panels fit?
  • 22″ x 48″ (Inside of aluminum frame 24-9/16″ x  50-1/2″)
  • 22″ x 64″ (Inside of aluminum frame 24-9/16″ x 66-1/2″)
  • 22″ x 80″ (Inside of aluminum frame 24-9/16″ x 82-1/2″)
These glass sizes are a code that the fiberglass manufacturers use. The actual outside of the glass surround which the frame will mount around is a larger dimension. Use the measurements provided above in parenthesis to ensure that your scroll frame will fit on your door.

We really have enjoyed these doors and received many compliments on them. I think the technology and the thought and the planning put in to manufacturing these doors has really paid off. And the other plus, is that dealing with Dan at Midwest Iron doors has really been a good experience because he’s only a phone call away and has answered any questions I have had.

Sandy Leavitt 10/8/2014