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Thermal Break

All of our doors are constructed using our patented thermal break to allow for optimal performance in hot and cold weather climates. The thermal break consists of an exterior and interior door panel skin separated by an extruded aluminum core with integrated polymer thermal break. The extruded core serves as a barrier to help stop the transfer of heat and cold from the exterior to the interior of the door panel.  In addition to this system the door itself is injected with a closed cell polyurethane foam. Foam itself is NOT a thermal break it is merely an insulator.

Door Panels & Jambs

Interior and exterior skins are made from 14 gauge cold rolled steel. The jamb is constructed using this same material

Extruded Aluminum Core

The core is an aluminum extrusion with integrated polymer thermal break. The polymer material of the thermal break is what helps prevent the temperature transfer from exterior to interior.

Injected Foam

Once the doors are fully assembled they are injected with close cell polyurethane foam to ensure optimal performance in all climates.

Glass Frames

All of the glass panels on our stock 2nd generation thermal break doors are fixed in place with a glass stop. Independently opening glass was a feature on our 1st generation thermal break design. We removed this function on our 2nd generation design to ensure optimal thermal performance. We still offer the operable window/glass option on custom doors. If selecting this function keep in mind that you will have a  loss in thermal performance.


Door Knobs
Standard Hardware preparation

Our doors come with a standard double bore tubular hardware preparation. See the details below.

– 2-3/8″ Backset

– 2-1/8″ Bores

– 5-1/2″ Center to center on the bore holes


Screw Slots

Edge prep mounting tabs have screw slots which allow you to use the  wood screws provided with hardware

** When ordering hardware for a 1st generation thermal break door you will need to specify a 2″ thick door panel to your hardware supplier

** When ordering hardware for a 2nd generation thermal break door you will need to specify a 2-1/2″ thick door panel to your hardware supplier


Yes, non thermal doors are great for warm climates and wine cellar entries

Yes, we can do virtually any dimension you want as long as we have a way to ship it

Yes, we can make sidelites that are integrated into the frame and sidelites that are separate units

Yes, If specifications and drawings are provided